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A palace for one or a condo for two, we have the biggest 2-man pop up on the planet. An awesome alliance of high spec materials, pop up convenience and innovative thinking that will change the way you camp, forever.

$540 $430




- The updated Cinch is now lighter, stronger and more advanced than ever before
- Inner and outer floor groundsheet system = bug free zone
- Double skinned with inner tent and outer fly
- Widescreen inner doors to maximise space
- Two entrances, each with internal storage bay
- Dual layer inner and outer doors with one layer of mesh and one layer of fabric
- Superflex™ fibre glass pop up poles
- Side windows x 2
- Attached door mats x 2
- Attached canopies x 2

- High-low multiple venting options throughout
- Colour coded take down and assisted set up
- Full length interior tent pockets and stuff pockets to quickly stow inner tent doors
- Internal hanger loops
- Solar power pack compatible with rubber tipped pole mounting kit and power pockets (solar power pack sold separately)
- Easy click magnetic light strip connection points
- Fly Fabric: 190T Dacron 4500 mm PU/silicone coating, water-resistant finish
- Floor Fabric: 210D Oxford 5000 mm PU coating, water-resistant finish
- Mesh Fabric: 20D nylon lightweight mesh
- Double taped heat sealed seams

icon tent pegs

4 x
LED tent pegs

icon tent LED torch

2 x
LED torches

icon tent LED phone controlled lighting strip

1 x LED phone
controlled lighting strip

icon tent mirror

2 x

icon tent pege

30 x
Superior tent pege

icon tent reflective guylines

14 x High strength
light reflective guylines
with equalisers at multiple
attachment points

icon tent repair kit

1 x
Repair kit
(material &
pole repairs)

icon tent canopy pole kit

1 x Adjustable
canopy pole kit

icon tent carrying case

1 x Disc-shaped
carrying case


We have
thought of

cinch tent hub product image
2-man popup tent


OUTER (L / W / H)

10'10'' / 6'7'' / 4'
330cm / 200cm / 122cm

icon entrance


2x internal storage bays

2'6'' / 5'10''
60cm / 180cm

icon living area


Comfortable & spacious

6'10'' / 5'10'' / 3'9''
210cm / 180cm / 115cm

icon canopy


Extend your living area by

4 ft 3 inches
130 cm

icon backpack


Disc-shaped rucksack of

85cm diameter weighing in at 10 kg





Customer Reviews

2 reviews for 2-MAN CINCH! POP-UP TENT:


I just got the tent home today is so happy to see that there is thought of every detail so it has been the long wait worth waiting for and a thousand thanks for the good service with sending mails all the time how far in the Ver with the project saw five stars from Denmark

Reuben C Frederick:

This solar kit is a great addon if you just can’t break away from that tech, It has more then enough charing ability to keep the most demanding devices charged. It does not take any space up in your tent as it slides right into the roof of the tent and the charging line feeds right into the tent so you can charge up in comfort. This review is based on the 2017 Kit.

Reuben C Frederick:

A MUST!!! As the title says this is a must if you are camping in areas with heat. and I camp in Las Vegas, NV at Mt. Charleston and it can get over 120 degrees outside. With this c anop[y it is on average 20 degrees cooler in the tent and at times even more if setup under shade. It is very easy to set up and take down. and will make sleeping so much better at night. I would say this is a must-have.


Must buy, especially if you have kids! This is brilliant, keeps the tent to a reasonable temperature even in the hottest UK weather.
Bonus – also keeps the tent dark! We have camped using it with a 3-4yr old who has managed to sleep until 9:30am some mornings because of how dark it keeps it while friends have had their children awake 3hrs+ earlier.
Our version is the 2017 one which isn’t pop up. (I think I’d actually prefer it non pop up)


I have to admit having never had a solar panel before I was expecting a bit more power from it.
Unfortunately my first one was from a faulty batch which was replaced and again I ended up with a faulty replacement which was replaced too. I understand that there was just a dodgy batch of them and they have been replaced as soon as the Cinch team were made aware of the problems.

I think the 2018 version of these will have a better way of fixing on to the tent, my version fixes on with velcro which can be a bit awkward some times. Sometimes it comes undone and turns over.
It does need bright sunlight, we haven’t had much luck with charging on cloudy/slightly overcast days.
Using the Cinch power bank plus 2 other battery packs (43,000MAH total) and charging on the solar during the day (bright sunny weather) we easily managed to keep 4 phones and an iPad charged for 6 days of camping.

Would I buy it again? To be honest probably not, it is useful but for the money and with the type of camping we do I think I’d invest in a couple more power banks instead. Probably more useful if you go away for longer, to more out of the way places or in places with more reliable sunshine!


Great add-on to an already great tent. The extended canopy is an excellent piece of kit to add to the Cinch. It gives you some additional space to relax or to put some items out so they won’t get wet. Personally I used it to lay down during the day – it gets scorching hot here in the summer and having some space to beat the Sun was very nice. Also quite easy to setup!

Highly recommended.

Reuben C Frederick:

Adding this extended canopy will no joke add a ton of space to your living area. Perfect to beat the hot summers out there, makes a great living room for those beautiful nights and an amazing dining room for those nice breezy evenings. I use the 2017 version and love it for storage and as a dining room. Food in the tent is not good for me OCD. This is a must add for any camper you will not complain about the ease of setup and teardown.


I’ll start by making it clear that I own the 2017 version which is quite different to the 2018 version.

Starting with the big negative for me, the poles! The biggest disappointment about the version I own is the fact that it has to be put up with poles! It takes longer to put this up than putting up, pegging down and pegging out all the ropes on the tent. This has all been fixed in the 2018 version which is now pop up!! If I had the money I would be buying a new version of it no question.

Positives – The windows are great, makes sure the tent doesn’t feel too enclosed. It is easy to fit onto the tent. The extra space is brilliant, while you could camp with just the tent this makes it much nicer (especially when it decides to rain!) It stands up well in the wind.

It packs down into a bag small enough to fit into the tent bag which is really useful.

Not an essential but if you are camping as a family I would highly recommend it.


We’ve only used our poles with the tent once but have used them with a tarp to make extra shelter a few times. They are lightweight and compact but still strong and can fit into the tent bag to store as well.


Although not totally necessary, this was a worthwhile add on because let’s face it, the ground is usually dirty and it’s a pain packing away a dirty tent. This solves the problem – keeps the underside dry and clean which helps keep the tent in good shape and makes packing down much nicer.


I’m so glad we bought this to go with our tent! It has saved a lot of mess getting onto our tent and is really easy to clean.
It comes with plenty of loops to peg it down but we often don’t peg it, just position the tent on top of it and peg that down. It folds up small and can easily be slipped into the tent bag.
Definitely worth the spend to protect your tent from damage and muck.

Jen Elder:

We’ve used the 2-man tent numerous times and we absolutely love it. First, the set up takes about 2 minutes, tops. Incredibly easy. It is very roomy inside and fits a full-sized air mattress easily, with some room on the sides left over. We love the built-in overhangs over both the entrances. There is a bunch of space to store your shoes and other items there, outside the main tent, but still under cover. My husband was hesitant about the tent, being a pop up, but has been really impressed with how it stands up to wind and weather. He’s a convert. Putting the tent back in the bag with takes a few practice runs, but is infinitely easier than dealing with tent poles. Overall, we’re very happy with the Cinch tent and recommend it to others who want to camp with ease!


Brilliant tent!
We have the 2017 version of the tent and it’s one of the best things we’ve ever bought!
I am disabled so my husband is left on put up and take down duty which would be really difficult with any other tent. With the Cinch he can just peg down the ground sheet (purchased separately) then pop up the tent and peg it down in no time.
The porches are huge, we have had someone sleeping and changing in one when we went camping with a family member.
The internal space is spacious. We are both tall and find it easy to move around in. We can easily fit a double and a single SIM in and still have room to keep our clothes in there.
The double ended doors make it really easy to cool down although with the mesh panels we rarely need anything other than the front open.
It stands up well in the wind and copes well in the rain.
We have camped in conditions with strong wind and temperatures under 10c to heatwaves of 30c and been comfortable in the tent.
It is as easy to take down as it is to put up. We often get amazed looks from other campers!
Our only negative was one camping trip we did end up with a fox getting in due to the large holes at the sides in the 2017 model, as we know this can happen now we have altered how we store things.

Pros – Quick put up and take down, spacious, great carry bag, quality.
Cons – Holes in the sides, space for fixing the solar panel could be better (has been changed in the 2018 version)

Overall highly recommended, I’ve not seen anything that looks better!

Peter Berardi:

Amazing Easy To Use Tent
Me and my wife love this tent.
The quick setup and breakdown make getting camp ready and packing up so much easier.
All of the additional accessories that come with it are great as well.
Some of the optional add-ons work really well for people that aren’t concerned with how many packs they are bringing to camp with them.
I have had no issues with rain and with the guylines out I have had no problems with the wind either.
The size of the two man tent is quite large, with the added area of the entry ways there is more then enough space for camping airmats, sleeping gear and most of your other packs.
We even fit our Yeti65 in one of the entryways at night.


Brilliant tent!
We bought our Cinch because we were gearing up for a music festival and wanted a no nonsense, easy to setup tent. Also, I hate tent poles! The Cinch is as advertised – set up in seconds and even the tear down is a ‘cinch’! It’s roomy inside for my wife and I and I love the two storage bays. The two little canopies on the outside were nice to have as well – I can remember after setting up the tent for the first time it was in the middle of a field on a hot day and the canopy was very handy for a bit of shade.

Overall I can’t recommend this tent enough. It’s well worth the price – the tent screams quality and with all of the combined features it makes tenting a breeze. Plus, Jake and his team are awesome to deal with. You can’t go wrong!


First Part of Made Caming Fun Again
Purchasing the 2017 CINCH 4-Man was a big commitment for me. I wanted this to be the last tent I ever bought and I wasn’t disappointment. Over the years, my love of camping had waned because I have less time to get away and my body isn’t what it used to be. Comfort is a major requirement over n a 3-day weekend, and I want to spend as much of it as possible relaxing, not dicking around with the tent. I needed something easy for 1 person to throw in the car and just show up with but still accommodating enough height-wise so I’m not walking crooked Monday morning at the office. NO MORE CRAWLING ON THE GROUND. That was my tent shopping mantra!

After looking around campsites and a few major retailers, I found the CINCH on Kickstarter. It was like they had read my cranky old mind and developed exactly what I was looking for!


Made Camping Fun Again (continued). I need two comments to gush over my CINCH!

I love our 4-man CINCH because I don’t have to sacrifice my 40 year-old knees for the sake of a fast set-up. It is sooooo big compared to conventional US 4-man domes. I’m a big girl and I need my space; Cinch did not disappoint. The extra height allows me to sleep on a cot and change clothing standing up (I’m 5’6″”) My head presses on the ceiling just a tiny bit. I’m also pleased I added extended canopy, as it became the campsite hangout when the rains hit our last trip. There’s room enough to set up chairs and a folding table as well as coolers. As for the thunderstorm, felt safe, no leaks and stood up to some pretty rough winds.

What else? The solar charging is the icing on the Cinch package. I use the power bank for more LED lights, a small computer fan and of course phone charging. As our family grows, I intend on adding a hub and a 2-man to extend our compound. With the layaway options, it couldn’t be easier to feed my Cinch habit.

Finally, communication with the Cinch family has been outstanding. Try not to sweat the production delays. It’s worth it. Fantastic things truly come to those who wait and I’d rather have a top-notch product delayed than a sloppy rush job.

PRO-Best vacation investment I’ve made in years. 2 weekends in mediocre motel equals same spent for years of camping in style.
CON- Addictive. I find myself setting up in the backyard just for the fun of it!

Reuben C Frederick:

A King’s/Queen’s Tent. I have had my 4 Person tent for over a year now and have used it on 4 camping trips at Mt. Charleston in Las Vegas, NV and This is by far the best tent I have ever had. The ease of setup and teardown is top notch. The build quality is very impressive and I am not an easy user I abuse my stuff and this tent not only holds up to it all it allows me to do so much more. I have the 2017 version and loved it so much I backed them on Indiegogo this year for their 4 Person tent as well. If you are looking for a large tent for the family this is the tent for you. Backed by a company who cares about there customers and takes care of them. You will not find a better cost vers reward than the Cinch Tent no matter the size you get.


I have the 4 man Cinch tent. I also have the Climate Control cover for the tent. #1 Cinch Tents are amazingly built and their quality is Bar none. When you sit in your tent the first time, I was so impressed and I was thinking “”These Guys Really Get it””. I have the 4man and it is perfect. My family of Aunts, Uncles,cousins, siblings, and their kids (25 at least) camp together once a year. With the Cinch I do not have to wait for anyone to help me get my tent up. It was amazing how easy it sets up. I was able to join the gang instead of sitting at my campsite surrounded by poles waiting for some family to wander by and help. The Climate Control cover is Fantastic!! I am usually up by 6am when camping because the sun shines through the tent fabric and then things get oppressively hot. I slept till 9am my first morning. Very pleasantly suprised. It really helps keep the temperature in the tent comfortable. Customer Service is fantastic! My Cinch tent has been my best investment in camping gear. The tents are roomy, a breeze to set up, they handle weather like a champ. I am now trying some weekend excursions because set up and take down are so simple. A tremendous amount of thought went into creating the most amazing and high quality tent I have ever owned. I am a customer for life now!!!

Dorothy H.:

We’ve just tested our new Cinch! on a weekend away and loved it! We are a couple in our 60s who already have a tent, but we were looking for one that would take up less space, weigh less and be easier to manage for short stays. We bought the 4-man to accommodate our jumbo-sized self-inflating air mattresses and a bit of extra space. We used caravan annex matting as a footprint, slightly larger than the tent in size, and together with a piece in the entry to keep out grit it was the perfect setup. The supplied tent pegs would be fine for use in soil, but the sort of ground that we encountered required our high-tensile steel pegs and a heavy steel mallet. We also bought the heat regulating and blackout canopy and I would recommend it as a must-have. We were pleasantly surprised that the lanterns gave perfectly sufficient light without it being overpowering in the space, while we loved that there was no condensation inside during the night. After watching the videos and a practice, we were able to pack the tent down quite easily. We’ve already recommended the Cinch! to some friends.

Peter D.:

Easy Does it
We have the 4 man tent….My wife wanted an easier tent to set up….First time out we packed back down in under 5 minutes – great convenience….. Set up was fast easy even though we had rain we were secure, dry, and comfortable…. The Cinch has exceeded all expectations….I’m waiting to see what new inovations/accessories/productss become available…. We live in Thailand although it took some extra planning/effort to get our Cinch (thanks Danielle) it was well worth it…… We “conventional” camp with our 2 daughters and the Cinch works just perfectly…. It’s actually made me think about simplifying things a bit….It’s way too easy to “over camp”…… Thanks Cinch


What’s not to love
Where to begin? Stop looking through the site, add one to your basket and checkout. I own a few tents and my 4 person cinch is a grab and go dream. Literally up or down in moments. Making setting up camp with two children a doddle. Also means a last minute decision to go camping is even easier, grab my cinch pack and go. Everything is beautifully made and well thought out. The porch adding an amazing cooking and sheltered relaxing space. Add in to that the heat regulating canopy, it’s cool on hot days and warm on cold evenings. Every detail has gone loving in to this and you can tell. Be the talk of the campsite, get a cinch.

David Tew:

This item may well be an optional extra but I would suggest it to be an essential. Like it says in the description, it helps regulate the temp in side the tent and stops it becoming boiling hot and helps keep the full blast of the sun off. What I have also found is it helps keep it warmer at night and the temp drop on summer evenings has been barely noticeable with myself and children being plenty warm enough in our cinch. Absolute bargain price. Get one now, you won’t regret it.


Bought my 4 man Cinch in 2013 and it’s sill going strong a brilliant purchase saves all the huffing and puffing of erecting a tent in the normal way. Very well built, easy to transport and has stood up to all Mother Nature has thrown at it. After a bit of a learning curve I’ve become pretty handy at taking the tent down and packing away (some good videos demonstrating how to do this available online) Having lent my tent to some family members they managed to damage the packing bag, I contacted cinchpopuptents.com and without any questions or issue they sourced and dispatched a replacement bag to me for which I’m very grateful. All in all great product, and fantastic after sales care, what more could a buyer ask for !


A Life Saver! We have this on all the time when camping. Keeps the temperature down (even when camping in temps in the mid 30s) and keeps it nice and dark. Our 4yr old has happily slept until 8:30am with it on as it keeps the light out so well and he normally wakes up when it gets light!

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All of our tents, kit and parts come with a 12-month warranty, effective from the date of delivery. The warranty is automatically registered in the name of the purchaser – so please let us know of any transfer of ownership by email or post, to ensure the warranty remains valid. The warranty does not apply to unregistered products.

We will repair or replace any registered Cinch! product if the material or manufacturing is defective, as long as we are notified within the 12-month warranty period.

The Cinch! is strong – but it’s not invincible. Please follow the care instructions, and use your tent responsibly. We cannot accept responsibility for damage caused by normal wear and tear, alteration, accident, abuse or misuse, improper set-up, or stampeding children.

To make a claim on your warranty, please contact us by email at info@cinchpopuptents.com and provide details of the fault (including photos if possible). We will verify your registration, and get back to you to discuss repair or replacement.


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